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A web application provides in-depth information about the company and can market your products and servicesmore cost effectively by reaching much wider range of audience and sales of the company.

We try to respond, point by point, to your RFP when making an assessment on the cost and time requirements associated with your proposed project.

The RFP is the foundation upon which our relationship with you is built.

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Understanding Your Buisness
Describe your company and what it does? (A first time visitor to your website will be asking this question)
Please state the prime directive of the company. What does your company stand for?
Company Products / Service - Features & Strengths
Indicate the list of unique features and strengths of your product(s) or service(s)
Enlist your company’s core competencies and expertise.
What are the benefits of dealing with your business as opposed to your competitors and what differentiates it from
the other businesses?
Approximately how many products will be featured on the site?
Does the way your product looks influence the users buying decision?
Do your products have details and characteristics in their appearance that are important to your users?
Can you present your product in a particular way to make it more attractive to your user?
How are organising quality images of all your products? Are you able to obtain images from the supplier?
How will you edit your images?
What are the primary objectives of this website and what do you hope to achieve through your website?
Target Market
Briefly identify the primary markets that your website will be targeting.
Website Objectives
Describe the specific characteristics of your best customers (for example 10% of your customer provides 70% of
your profits).
Website Content/ Features
Does your organisation posses any existing website, brochures, multimedia, material, television commercials,
press-ads etc? If so, please provide us copies.
If not please give us a detailed write up of the same and give us specifically a write up of the key visual elements/graphics/colors you want us to use.
If you have a basic idea of how the website should look like and its contents? then it would be very helpful if you
provide us with a detailed write-up of the same.
Do you have the text you need to go into the site ready?
Do you visualize your website to be graphic intensive or content driven?
Will you need a large amount of custom design or just the average amount of buttons, headers, and icons?
Do they like to add any new features into the existing site? If so what are they?
Do we have to redesign the website User Interface? If so, do they have any on hand or we have to design?
Is the navigation flow is going to remain same or any changes?
Search Engine Optimatimazation (SEO)
How will your target customer learn about the presence of your website and what will prompt them to visit it?
Will they be searching for your product with a Search Engine?
May be through banner adverts located on other websites or your physical sales force will direct them to the
Suggest some key words that your customers are using online for search your type of business (please remember Google gets 35-40% of all search engine traffic (approx. 120 million a day).
Will you need us to submit your site to major search engines
Do you require the following in the website?
Editor? :
Product Catalogue Display? :
Shopping Cart? :
Online Transactions? :
Site Administration Module? :
Dissemination Services? (SMS, email) :
Secured areas (SSL Provision) :
Any other features?
Backend Integration
Do you want your website to be integrated with any accounting package or 3rd party software or products?
If so, please indicate briefly the functionality of such 3rd party software.
Do you have APIs for integrating the website with such 3rd party software?
Are you expecting additional functionalities integrated with this website such as availability of your products prior
to online purchase/ bookings?
If so, can you describe the business rules expected to be ensured for such integrations?
Resolution :
Browsers with versions :
Other Browsers?
Please mention all the websites of your prominent competitors

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A web application provides in-depth information about the company and can market your products and services

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